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Administrative Processing Delay

On Behalf of | Jan 2, 2024 | Family Immigration

I need my family with me?

Why do I have to wait to have my wife come live with me in the USA?

Why can’t my baby come home with me?

These are questions asked by many people waiting for their husband, wife, father, mother, child to be issued visas and who were told their case is in administrative processing.

Delayed Administrative processing has real consequences for families.  The prolonged separation of family members impact the emotional well-being. Many times the person stuck overseas just thinks the family in the USA doesn’t really want them here.

There are also missed employment opportunities, affecting career advancement and financial stability.

For many financially maintaining two homes is a real problem.

Documents and Medical exams required for immigration might expire and will need to be redone causing extra time and expense.

The stress and anxiety on the entire family caused by administrative processing delays is very real.

So what  can you do?

– Stay in touch with the appropriate immigration authorities or consulate to monitor the progress of your case.  Ask for updates in writing.

– Stay updated about changes in immigration policies and regulations that might impact your case.

  •  Contact your US Senator’s office for assistance.

If you have done all that, contact an immigration attorney who has experience filing mandamus actions.  Experience is important. Filing a mandamus action too early will only lead to disappointment and can actually hurt your case.

Carrie had been filing mandamus actions since 1994 in federal district courts all over the USA.  Call her at )248)619-0065.