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Immigration Court Successes


Asylum – Two mandamus for delayed asylums were successful. One in the Chicago asylum office received his interview date within two weeks of filing the mandamus and the other in the New Jersey asylum office finally got an interview date after a hard fought mandamus.   Carrie filed them both.  Congratulations to her and her clients.


Another EB 1 win for our firm. This time Mayson filed and got the approval in 8 days.  Congratulations Mayson.

For EB1 no employer sponsorship is required.  First Mayson got a pharmacist approved in 14 days and now a doctor approved in 8 days.

EB1 – Big congratulations to Mayson who got an EB1 approved in 11 days. No national interest waiver needed. 1400 pages of evidence was submitted to USCIS. Now the USA will have this exceptional talent here. Way to go!!!

If you need help with your immigration visa call Mayson at (248) 619-0065


Asylum – Syria – Our clients were very active in the U.S. for freedom for Syria. The government argued there was no past persecution but based on the clients’ activities in the USA, we were able to show the Immigration Judge a fear of future persecution and they were granted asylum.

Cancellation of Removal – Albanian – Our client is a brilliant researcher working at a research center on an illness that currently has no cure. She was placed into removal proceedings and she was granted Cancellation of Removal based on hardship to family members and the importance of research that client was conducting.  She now has her green card.

Cancellation of Removal – Mexico – Our client who was married to a US citizen with several children was granted Cancellation of Removal had been based on hardship to spouse due to having to care for the children by herself with no income.

New York

Asylum – Albania – Our client won asylum based on imputed political opinion.

20 Adjustment of Status with Misrepresentation Waiver – Mexico – Our client was granted Adjustment of Status with waiver of misrepresentation based on hardship to spouse in Mexico due to crime rate and lack of family in Mexico.

Adjustment of Status with Fraud Waiver Granted – Bangladesh – Our client was placed into proceedings to revoke his green card because he allegedly used different names and had been ordered removed under one of the identities.  We applied for adjustment of status, proved the removal was invalid and proved hardship to the qualifying relatives. He was granted his green card at the immigration court hearing.

New York

Motion to Reopen In Absentia – Mexico – The client client had been removed in absentia 15 years earlier. We found that the client’s name had been misspelled on the original envelope that had the hearing date.  The Immigration Judge granted reopening of proceedings.

Withholding of Removal – Venezuela – Our client came to us because she could not go back to Venezuela based on attacks by the police. The immigration judge granted withholding on this basis.

Withholding of Removal – Dominican Republic – Our client won withholding based on sexual orientation.


Protection CAT – Latin America – We were able to obtain CAT withholding after showing how dangerous the Latin American home country would be if client returned there. The Immigration Judge agreed with us and ICE waived appeal.  Now he and his family are safe in the U.S.19


Removal Proceedings Terminated – Kosovo – Our client received LPR status through marriage to a US Citizen in mid-2000s and was granted a conditional green card. Client and USC Spouse moved abroad and failed to remove conditions.  When they decided to move back to the U.S., they re-applied for foreign spouse’s residency from abroad, and after the immigrant visa was granted, the client and USC Spouse returned to the USA. The client received a ten-year green card. Our client then traveled abroad to visit family, and upon return, is issued an NTA by CBP for failing to remove conditions on the initial green card. Client retained our attorneys for removal proceedings. Proceedings were terminated upon motion to the court regarding client’s erroneous placement in removal proceedings by CBP.

New York

Adjustment of Status Misrepresentation Waiver – Albanian – Immigration Judge granted our client adjustment of status with a waiver for using another person’s passport based on hardship to the US citizen spouse.


Removal Proceedings Terminated – Canada – Our client was not properly advised of his procedural rights at the border upon his attempted admission to the USA. Respondent was placed in removal proceedings for being criminally inadmissible, for an offense over twenty years old, despite entering the USA numerous times before. The Immigration Judge terminated at hearing based on the CBP due process violations.

212c Waiver – Mexico – Our client had an old criminal conviction that made him deportable. We filed a 212c waiver which the Immigration Judge granted and client received his green card back.


Termination – Montenegro – Immigration Judge terminated the immigration court case for a client from because we challenged removability holding the government to its proof and client was found not removable.

Asylum – Mexico – The Immigration Judge granted asylum based on domestic violence granted.  Client had been severely beaten and injured.  After the grant she brought her children as derivatives and all are now permanent residents.

NACARA – Montenegro – Our client entered the United States before December 31, 1990;  and applied for asylum before December 31, 1991. The Immigration Judge granted NACARA to our client from Montenegro and he was able to become a permanent resident of the U.S.

Motion to Re-Open Granted – Iraq – Our client was a permanent resident and he was placed in removal proceedings due to several criminal convictions. He had previously applied for Cancellation of Removal but was denied. We filed a Motion to Reopen based on changed country conditions, and the IJ granted reopening, agreeing that as a shia muslim faced persecution if returned to Iraq, for his political/religious views. Respondent requested Asylum, Withholding and CAT protection, and also applied for Cancelation of Removal. After respondent vacated the conviction for his some offenses, ICE jointly moved to terminate proceedings, and Respondent’s permanent residence status was re-instated.


Asylum – Guatemala – Our client was a victim of domestic violence, and her asylum was granted on this. Client is now a permanent resident.


Cancellation of Removal for Permanent Resident – Lebanon – Our client was an permanent resident who was placed in removal proceedings due to multiple convictions including a retail fraud for saving a parrot from a pet store who kept the parrot in very awful conditions. The Immigration Judge granted cancellation and he was able to remain a green card holder.


Cancellation of Removal – Mexico – The qualifying relative had a metabolic issue which was found to be the necessary hardship and Cancellation was granted. She is now a permanent resident of the U.S.

Cancellation of Removal Granted for a Permanent Resident – Lebanon – Our client had several misdemeanor offenses, ranging from solicitation to making terroristic threats. The Immigration Judge granted the case and he was able to remain a permanent resident.

Withholding of Removal – Iraq – Our client was accused of marriage fraud however we were able to get a grant of withholding of removal avoiding having to fight the marriage fraud issue.


Termination of Proceedings – Bangladesh – We were able to get a case terminated for a couple from Bangladesh so they could get their green cards at USCIS which they received shortly thereafter.


Mandamus for EOIR to conduct an individualized bond hearing – Client was not provided a bond hearing because the Immigration Court held that the Client not eligible. The case was settled and he was granted a bond hearing.