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Board Of Immigration Appeals Success Cases


Appeal – Pakistan – Our client had been convicted of embezzlement and he applied for Cancellation of Removal because the Immigration Judge held that he was ineligible due to the time stop rule.  We successfully argued that the time stop rule applied upon arrest not commission and the BIA agreed with us.


Appeal – Albania – Our client had a frivolous finding on an asylum application which would have barred her for life from entering or remaining in the USA.  The Board agreed with us that the application was not frivolous and remanded the case where the frivolous finding was overturned by the Immigration Judge.


Appeal – Ukraine – Our client ,a permanent resident , had  two convictions which ICE argued were crimes of moral turpitude.  We argued that they were not crimes of moral turpitude because client had plead to lesser charge.  BIA granted the appeal and client had his green card returned to him.