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  • Habeas requesting release due to COVID-19 – Our client was of the age and health condition that made him susceptible to COVID-19 but ICE refused to release him even though his case was pending with the immigration court in Detroit.  The Judge granted the temporary injunction granted and the client was released.  Eventually we settled with ICE for better release terms for the client.
  • Our firm recently filed a lawsuit in federal court on behalf of a client who had been waiting for a decision on her green card application for 7 years.  During that time, her immigration court hearing was held in immigration court and she was denied relief.  ICE had the client purchase a ticket to depart within 90 days.  Because she was an arriving alien, her application for a green card was still pending before USCIS but if not decided before ICE forced her to leave she would lose everything.  We filed suit in federal court and  9 weeks after our lawsuit, our client got her green card.  ICE could no longer force her to leave and had to cancel her order of supervision.  She is now at peace to continue to live in the US with her family.

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