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What criminal offenses could result in deportation?

On Behalf of | Dec 3, 2022 | Criminal Convictions And Immigration, Immigration, Naturalization

Given that the United States government can deport immigrants for different reasons, it is natural to worry that committing a crime could get you kicked out of the country. It is true that some criminal convictions endanger the residency of foreign residents, but the government does not consider all crimes as automatic grounds for deportation.

Whether you are in danger of losing your U.S. residency or not depends on the type of crime a court convicts you of committing.

Crimes that merit deportation

FindLaw explains that some crimes qualify as crimes of moral turpitude. Provided that your conviction gives you a sentence of more than a year in prison, this kind of crime could result in deportation. Crimes of moral turpitude generally involve forms of assault, theft or fraud such as embezzling property from a person or a business. Committing perjury is another qualifying crime.

The Immigration and Nationality Act also describes crimes that may cost you your residency. They usually include violent and abusive crimes, including stalking, human trafficking, abuse or neglect of children, drug trafficking, and domestic violence.

Multiple crimes may cause deportation

It is possible you may avoid removal from the United States if a court convicts you of a petty offense that only results in less than a year in prison. However, you might encounter problems if a court convicts you of more than one crime of moral turpitude. Even if the overall sentence is short, deportation could become a possibility.

In short, the type of crime and number of criminal charges you face are decisive factors in determining whether your U.S. residency is at serious risk.