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  • AsylumSyria – Our clients were very active in the U.S. for freedom for Syria.  The government argued there was no past persecution but based on the clients’ activities in the USA, we were able to show the Immigration Judge a fear of future persecution and they were granted asylum.
  • Cancellation of RemovalAlbanian – Our client is a brilliant researcher working at a research center on an illness that currently has no cure.  She was placed into removal proceedings and she was granted Cancellation of Removal based on hardship to family members and the importance of research that client was conducting.  She now has her green card.
  • Cancellation of RemovalMexico – Our client who was married to a US citizen with several children was granted Cancellation of Removal had been based on hardship to spouse due to having to care for the children by herself with no income.

New York

  • AsylumAlbania – Our client won asylum based on imputed political opinion.

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