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  • Adjustment of Status with Misrepresentation WaiverMexico – Our client was granted Adjustment of Status with waiver of misrepresentation based on hardship to spouse in Mexico due to crime rate and lack of family in Mexico.
  • Adjustment of Status with Fraud Waiver GrantedBangladesh – Our client was placed into proceedings to revoke his green card because he had used different names and had been ordered removed under one of the identities.  We applied for adjustment of status, proved the removal was invalid and proved hardship to the qualifying relatives.   He was granted his green card at the immigration court hearing.

New York

  • Motion to Reopen In AbsentiaMexico – The client client had been removed in absentia 15 years earlier.  We found that the client’s name had been misspelled on the original envelope that had the hearing date.  The Immigration Judge granted reopening of proceedings.
  • Withholding of RemovalVenezuela – Our client came to us because she could not go back to Venezuela based on attacks by the police.  The immigration judge granted withholding on this basis.
  • Withholding of RemovalDominican Republic – Our client won withholding based on sexual orientation.


  • Protection CATLatin America – We were able to obtain CAT withholding after showing how dangerous the Latin American home country would be if client returned there.  The Immigration Judge agreed with us and ICE waived appeal.  Now he and his family are safe in the U.S.

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