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  • Removal Proceedings TerminatedKosovo – Our client received LPR status through marriage to a US Citizen in mid-2000s and was granted a conditional green card. Client and USC Spouse moved abroad and failed to remove conditions.  When they decided to move back to the U.S., they re-applied for foreign spouse’s residency from abroad, and after the immigrant visa was granted, the client and USC Spouse returned to the USA.  The client received a ten-year green card. Our client then traveled abroad to visit family, and upon return, is issued an NTA by CBP for failing to remove conditions on the initial green card. Client retained our attorneys for removal proceedings. Proceedings were terminated upon motion to the court regarding client’s erroneous placement in removal proceedings by CBP.

New York

  • Adjustment of Status Misrepresentation WaiverAlbanian – Immigration Judge granted our client adjustment of status with a waiver for using another person’s passport based on hardship to the US citizen spouse.

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