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  • TerminationMontenegro – Immigration Judge terminated the immigration court case for a client from because we challenged removability holding the government to its proof and client was found not removable.
  • Asylum Mexico – The Immigration Judge granted asylum based on domestic violence granted.  Client had been severely beaten and injured.  After the grant she brought her children as derivatives and all are now permanent residents.
  • NACARAMontenegro – Our client entered the United States before December 31, 1990;  and applied for asylum before December 31, 1991.  The Immigration Judge granted NACARA to our client from Montenegro and he was able to become a permanent resident of the U.S.
  • Motion to Re-Open GrantedIraq – Our client was a permanent resident and he was placed in removal proceedings due to several criminal convictions.  He had previously applied for Cancellation of Removal but was denied. We filed a Motion to Reopen based on changed country conditions, and the IJ granted reopening, agreeing that as a shia muslim faced persecution if returned to Iraq, for his political/religious views. Respondent requested Asylum, Withholding and CAT protection, and also applied for Cancelation of Removal. After respondent vacated the conviction for his some offenses, ICE jointly moved to terminate proceedings, and Respondent’s permanent residence status was re-instated.

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