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Losing Your Citizenship – Operation Janus

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is expected to start denaturalizing 315,000 people who became US citizens even if they got the citizenship over 20 years ago. DHS claims that these people either committed fraud or crimes that made them ineligible for citizenship and now they are placing people in federal proceedings to try to take away their citizenship. Yes, DHS can try to do that even if you have been a citizen for many years.

When DHS tries to take citizenship away, your family is also affected. Anyone you petitioned for (mom, dad, husband, wife, kids, etc.) is also affected because they can lose their green card or their US citizenship. This is a very serious issue.

A denationalization proceeding is how the government puts you in court to try to take away your citizenship. USCIS cannot take away your citizenship. That can only be done by a decision of a federal judge in a federal court proceeding.

However, you have rights. Depending on whether you are placed in criminal or civil proceedings in federal courts, your rights may vary. You have the right to fight to keep your citizenship by challenging DHS”s evidence and presenting witnesses. You may have other rights as well.

At Pastor & Associates, we can help you if you are in denaturalization proceedings in federal court.

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