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  • Habeas – Post Order.  Our client had a final order of removal but had TPS and therefore could not be deported.  ICE asked the client to obtain travel documents to be removed to El Salvador despite having a valid EAD and TPS.  We filed suit to stop removal of the client.  ICE agreed that he would not be removed while he had valid TPS status and the case was resolved.  Our client is still here in valid TPS status.
  • Habeas to release client from ICE detention while Motion to Reopen pending in NY Immigration Court – We settled and ICE released the client to await the decision on the motion to reopen which was eventually granted.
  • Mandamus to Compel State Dept to desist from acting ultra vivres by returning an approved I-130 to USCIS for revalidation –  Settled in client’s favor and the U.S. State Dept. recalled the petition and granted the immigrant visa.
  • Mandamus N-400 preinterview – Client’s N-400 application had been pending for 3 years without interview.  We settled in client’s favor and the client was granted a naturalization interview.
  • Mandamus to Compel NVC and U.S. Consulate to reinstate and revalidate I-130 petition that NVC had closed – We settled in client’s favor and the NVC reinstated the petition and the consulate processed and granted the immigrant visa.


6th U.S Court of Appeals

  • Appeal from district court on application delay – Settled and client’s application was adjudicated by INS.

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