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  • Mandamus Post Naturalization Interview – My client, from the Middle East was interviewed on the naturalization application but immigration never issued a decision. Judge actually counted the days the N-400 had been pending which amounted to over 1300 days. Judge denied the government’s motion to dismiss and set a date for a naturalization hearing.   Government granted naturalization before the Judge’s hearing date.
  • Mandamus Post Naturalization Interview – The client had been waiting for two years to get a decision on the N-400.  The Judge denied the government’s motion to dismiss and granted our complaint. Our client was naturalized almost immediately.
  • Mandamus I-751 – Waiver to Remove Conditions.  Our client filed an I-751 which was pending for 6 years.  We settled in our client’s favor by having USCIS agree to make a decision on the I-751 and it was granted.
  • Mandamus Denial of Access to Counsel – I went to visit my client in ICE detention with my translator. The jail refused to allow the translator to enter the jail with me to translate for my client. ICE and the jail settled allowing the translator to enter the jail with me to interview my client.
  • Habeas – Final Order of deportation.  Our client was detained while he had an indefinite order of supervision which allowed him to remain in the US with no reporting requirements.  We filed suit and our client was released immediately by immigration authorities and the case was dismissed.
  • Mandamus N-400 – Judge denied government’s motion to dismiss and ordered USCIS to decide the naturalization case in 15 days. Client was naturalized.
  • Habeas and Injunctive Relief – Our client was coerced into signing an administrative  removal order by CBP and was subsequently detained.  We settled with CBP and the Dept of Homeland Security.  Client was released and had his case heard by the immigration judge.


Northern District of Ohio (appeared pro hac vice)

  • Mandamus Adjustment of Status – The adjustment of status application for this client had been pending over 180 days.  We sued under several legal grounds including the APA.  Case settled in client’s favor and the adjustment of status was decided and our client was granted permanent residency.

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