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  • Mandamus – Fiancee visa was pending for 11 months. We settled in our client’s favor and the K-1 was immediately issued.
  • Hearing on Denied Naturalization – We settled in our client’s favor and she was naturalized.
  • Habeas and Stay of Deportation – Our client had a final order of deportation and was due to be deported within a few days.  We wanted to file a Motion to Reopen his immigration proceedings but there was not enough time to file the Motion before he was scheduled to be deported.  The government agreed to release the client and allow time to file the Motion to reopen while he was released.
  • Mandamus for I-129 –  The I-129 had been pending for over a year and the employer needed the employee to commence immediately. The I-129 was immediately adjudicated and the employee was able to commence working for the employer.
  • Mandamus for return of Immigration Bonds – Our clients had posted voluntary departure bonds in order to comply with the Immigration Judge’s order granting voluntary departure.  They left timely but the bonds were not returned to them.  We settled the lawsuit so that the clients received their bonds with interest.


Western District of Michigan

  • Mandamus I-130 delay – Our client filed an I-130 for her spouse and it had been pending for 2 years. We filed suit and we settled in client’s favor. The I-130 was decided and granted. This family that had been separated for over two years was reunited.

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