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Category: Federal Court


ICE failed to grant us access to the client and refused to tell us his whereabouts – Settled in favor of the client and we were told where the client


Mandamus for delay in I-90 green card replacement – Client was given the replacement green card after waiting for over 3 years and we settled the case. Habeas –  Our client


Post Order Habeas – We requested the release of our client from Cuba from ICE detention due to severe medical issues.  Client had a final order of removal but was


Mandamus Attorney Access – Our clients from various countries were detained by ICE and were denied attorney access in the Wayne county jail where they were being held for immigration.


Reopening of denied Adjustment of Status application – We filed a complaint to have INS reopen application which was wrongfully denied.  INS reopened the application and we dismissed the lawsuit


Criminal Illegal Entry – Our client, a Chinese national, was charged with criminal illegal entry – misdemeanor.  We got all the charges against our client dismissed.