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Category: Federal Court


Habeas requesting release due to COVID-19 – Our client was of the age and health condition that made him susceptible to COVID-19 but ICE refused to release him even though


Motion for Injunction – Denial of Credible Fear interview.  Our client requested a reasonable fear interview but was denied the interview by ICE claiming that he was not entitled to


FOIA Delay – My client’s FOIA had been pending one year.  We filed suit and the immigration agencies provided the documents we were seeking therefore the case was dismissed.


Mandamus for delay in NVC – Case had been pending at the National Visa Center for a long time and the family was being kept apart due to this delay.


Denial of TPS APA review – USCIS denied client’s TPS without explaining its reason which was arbitrary and capricious.  Client was eligible for TPS as the child of a person


Habeas – Post Order.  Our client had a final order of removal but had TPS and therefore could not be deported.  ICE asked the client to obtain travel documents to


Mandamus Post Naturalization Interview – My client, from the Middle East was interviewed on the naturalization application but immigration never issued a decision. Judge actually counted the days the N-400


Mandamus – Fiancee visa was pending for 11 months. We settled in our client’s favor and the K-1 was immediately issued. Hearing on Denied Naturalization – We settled in our


Mandamus – Delay in derivative benefits.   10 year delay in derivative asylum application.  Settled in client’s favor, USCIS decided the application and derivative status was granted to our client.


Habeas – preorder of removal –  Our client was detained while her BIA appeal was pending.  She was released in 2 days after filing the lawsuit. Pre IRRIRA Reinstated In