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Our firm has successfully litigated immigration cases in federal courts for over two decades. If you or a family member is detained by ICE, you should know that we fight aggressively to release our clients from ICE custody.

In fact, our attorneys have taken extra steps to file numerous Habeas Corpus with the federal courts so we could stop deportation orders, unlawful incarceration, and enable our clients immediate release from immigration custody. Filing persistent emergency Habeas with federal court is not common for immigration attorneys but our attorneys are dedicated and determined to secure what is in the best interest of our clients.

Call (248) 619-0065 today to schedule a consultation with an immigration attorney to determine your options. 

If you have been waiting for years for your citizenship or green card, we can help. We have successfully obtained citizenship and green cards quickly for our clients. We secure your rights to a prompt decision through the federal courts.

Our lawyers explain in a simple language how to obtain a temporary visa, attain permanent residence through marriage, employment, asylum, and lottery your relatives for green cards, or defend yourself in deportation proceedings.

Our professional team is devoted first and foremost to the top priorities of our clients across the United States and abroad. Our successful track record with handling the most complex cases is proof of our attorneys’ special skills, long experience and problem-solving abilities. Our immigration lawyers have been successful in processing all types of removal proceedings and all types of visas and petitions including employment-based green card visas, H1B visas, E treaty or investor visas, family petitions, various visa waivers, religious visas, O visas for aliens of extraordinary abilities, ,P visas, NACARA, U visas for victims of crime, VAWA (Violence Against Women Act) green cards for victims of domestic violence, citizenship or naturalization, immigration court proceedings, and deportation or removal hearings.


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