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Attention: If you have been waiting for over one year for your U.S.citizenship after being interviewed by immigration and live in Michigan.  We can help you FREE of charge.  Contact us to schedule an appointment by phone or in the office.  NO FEES AT ALL.  Call Pastor & Associates, P.C.  at (248) 619-0065.

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Michigan and New York Immigration Attorney

Immigration and International Attorneys

Pastor & Associates is considered one of the top immigration law firms in the U.S. Located in the Metro-Detroit area and New York, our immigration attorneys represent individuals and companies from all parts of the world. Our firm has been in business for over a decade helping clients with all types of immigration matters, from the most complicated issues to the most basic applications.

Call (248) 619-0065 today to schedule a consultation with an immigration attorney to determine your options. Or, contact us here.

Spanish Speaking Attorney

Our immigration attorneys are well versed in other languages, such as Spanish, Albanian, and Arabic. During your consultation, we can pair you with a Spanish speaking attorney for your convenience.

Our immigration attorneys have years of experience in handling all types of immigration matters, from removal and deportation issues, green card and other immigrant visas, employment visas, citizenship applications, Board of Immigration appeals, to criminal defense matters.

Immigration Law Firm Helping Clients

Call (248) 619-0065 to Schedule a Consultation with an Immigration Attorney

Immigration issues are oftentimes very stressful matters to deal with. At our law firm, we pride ourselves on getting things done that other attorneys would normally give up on. Our team of immigration lawyers have experience in dealing with some of the most complicated and pressing immigration requests, often obtaining great results.

As Immigration attorneys we practice in front of some of the most conservative courts in the U.S. Our firm is prepared to fight for you at every hearing, anticipating every issue that may arise and preparing how to deal with them. When you hire the immigration attorneys of Pastor and Associates, rest assured that we will work as hard as possible to obtain the best results on your immigration matters.

Immigration Legal Services

Our firm has a great track record for obtaining successful outcome for our clients. The following is a list of some of the immigration cases we routinely handle:

  • Immigration;
  • Asylum;
  • Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA);
  • Business and Investor Visas;
  • Cancellation of Removal;
  • Citizenship and Naturalization;
  • Criminal Defense;
  • Deportation and Removal;
  • ICE Detention;
  • Employment Visas;
  • Family Based Visas;
  • Fiancé Visas;
  • Employer Representation;
  • Green Card Applications;
  • Investment Visas;
  • Marriage Visas;
  • Motions to Re-Open;
  • Non-Immigrant Visas;
  • Permanent Residence Visas;
  • Student Visas; and
  • much more.

Call Today for a Consultation With an Immigration Attorney

If you have any questions or would like to discuss your immigration matters with a professional, dedicated and aggressive attorney, then please call our immigration law office at (248) 619-0065. Our immigration attorneys are available in person or over the phone to answer any questions you may have.